Cycling The London Loop

The London Loop is a 150-mile circular walking route of outer London. Although intended for walkers only, much of it is cyclable with just a few diversions from the main path. I completed it in a 2-day micro-adventure back in 2013.

I'm writing this several years after completing it so a lot of the details have faded into memory. Here's what I remember about the trip:

  • 2 days of approximately 75 miles per day.

  • Day 1: Southern section from Uxbridge to Dartford.

  • Overnight stay in grotty Dartford motel.

  • Day 2: Northern section from Dartford back to Uxbridge.

You can't cycle over the Dartford Bridge or under the tunnel but there is a free service that drives you and your bikes through. There's a free phone at the entrance to the tunnel on either side.

Please note that both the London Loop and Capital Ring were designed for walking. Much of both routes ca be cycled as there’s many sections on cycle routes and roads. Some sections are on footpaths that should not be cycled so be prepared to find alternative routes around these.

Recommended reading for detailed history, maps and sights: The London Loop by Colin Saunders

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The London Loop (blue) and Capital Ring (Red)

London Loop elevation (full loop)

London Loop elevation (full loop)

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