Walbury Hill and Pilot Hill

Pilot Hill

Significance Highest peak in Hampshire (Traditional CT)
Member of: N/A
Elevation: 286 m
Coordinates:  51°20′19″N 1°25′48″W

Walbury Hill

Significance Highest peak in Berkshire (Traditional CT)
Member of: Marilyn, Hardy
Elevation: 297 m
Coordinates: 51°21′08″N 1°27′57″W

Both Hills:

Date climbed: 25th March 2012
Route Start / End: Small parking area just east of Walbury Hil
Route Stats: 10 km in about a slow-paced 3 hours. More direct route only using the Wayfarers Walk would take min 1.5 hours for 6.5km
Subsidiary tops on route: none
Other routes touched: Wayfarers Walk

Map Below: pin on summit of Walbury Hill with car parking spot at the Y junction of country roads to the East

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