East Burnham Park

Significance: Highest peak in the Slough Unitary Authority (present-day county) 
Elevation: 51 m
Date climbed: July 25th 2018
Coordinates: 51.5379° N, 0.6249° W
Route Start / End: Circular route from Burnham Beeches car-park off Lord Mayors Drive, Farnham Common.
OS Map: Explorer 172. Chiltern Hills East

East Burnham Park gets my award for the most underwhelming County Top in the UK. Let me know if you have any other contenders. "East Burnham Park" is actually Estate Agent speak for "the arse-end of Slough". Others may argue that Slough is also the arse-end of Berkshire, but you've not heard me say that.

The high point of the Slough Unitary Authority is on a small mound of grass opposite the junction of Farnham Lane and Crown Lane. There's nothing really to see here and the dog-poo bin that used to mark the summit has long since disappeared. 

If you're planning an attempt on the summit a good option is to combine it with a cycle ride from Burnham Beeches. You'll get a reasonably pleasant trip out of it and will spend as little time as possible in Slough as most of the route is in South Bucks. Don't forget your crampons and make sure you have spent several weeks in the area before the trip to get acclimatised. Slough has very little provision for Mountain Rescue so if you get into trouble, you're on your own.

Red map marker = Burnham Beeches car park. Purple dot = summit

View of the summit. There's no cairns so take care with navigation

View of the summit. There's no cairns so take care with navigation

Elevation of route from/to Burnham Beeches car park on Lord Mayors Drive. You'll be cycling downhill to the summit.

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