Significance: Present Day County Top of Lancashire
Elevation: 628m
Date climbed: 11/06/2018
Coordinates: 54.2085° N, 2.4814° W
Route Start / End: Circular from Leck Fell House
Route Stats: 5k / 3.1 miles + 206 / - 207 m elevation
OS Map: Outdoor Leisure 2: Yorkshire Dales, Southern and Western
Subsidiary tops on route: none

This was a sneaky bonus tick. After a weekend in the Lake District tackling the Old Man and Helvellyn we were heading home. The trip is nearly 5 hours at best so I was looking for a convenient mountain en route to break up the trip. Gragareth fitted the bill as it was a decent mountain and only 15 minutes off the M6. It was also pretty obscure and, on a Monday morning, we had the walk to ourselves.

The best place to start the walk is from a small parking bay just before the gate to Leck Fell House. Go through this gate and the second gate on the junction before the driveway for the farm. After this you’re on Yorkshire Dales Open Access land. 

The first part is fairly straightforward. Continue along the path beyond the gate, keeping to the right side of the wall. After ~1 km, there’s a path (according to the RidewithGPS map I was using) that doubles back roughly southwards up across the hill. We couldn’t see any path so just followed the GPS direction across some very rocky lava flow-like patches. At the top of the hill you’ll get to the Three Men Of Gragareth. From here, head east and follow an actual path all the way to the summit.

The summit is a black Trig point on a large plateau with views to Whernside. From here, take the path heading south(ish) towards a stone wall. Don’t climb over the ladder, but continue following the wall all the way to the 2nd gate by Leck Fell House.

Despite not being the most exciting walk in the world, it’s a pleasant diversion from a long drive home from the Lakes.

Richard gowerComment