Dunstable Downs

Significance: Highest peak in Bedfordshire (Traditional CT)
Member of: N/A
Elevation: 243 m
Date climbed: 31st August 2013
Coordinates:  51° 51' 51'' N, 0° 32' 11'' W
Route Start / End: Dunstable Downs, Chilterns Gateway Centre, Dunstable Road, Whipsnade, LU6 2GY
Route Stats: 5.2km in approx 2 hours (with picnic) +92 elevation gain/loss for circular route
Subsidiary tops on route: none
Other routes touched: Icknield Way, Chiltern Way

elevation_profile - Dunstable Downs.jpg

The County Top and Trig Point can be easily bagged on a drive-by or a 5 minute walk from the car-park. This would be a waste though as the walks and views from here are amazing. Take a picnic on a sunny day and watch the gliders taking off and landing below the hill.

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