Brown Clee Hill

Significance: Highest peak in Shropshire (Traditional CT)
Member of: Marilyn
Elevation: 540 m
Date climbed: 31st December 2015
Coordinates: 52°28′30″N 2°36′02″W
Route Start / End: Layby on Park Gate Road
Route Stats: 5 km in 1 hour 40 mins, +248 m elevation gain
Subsidiary tops on route: none
Other routes touched: Shropshire Way Main Route (South)

When planning a trip to Brown Clee Hill, don't be fooled that Google Maps shows you can drive all the way up the service Road to the transmitter. This would make it a 5 min walk, but the road is restricted and there's a locked gate where it meets the main road.

We parked at the layby recommended in Jonny Muir’s County Top book. When you get to the forest there's a few routes up. We didn't find the one shown in the book, but it's not a problem as long as you're heading uphill. When you get to the open ground beyond the treeline, you'll easily see the transmitter at the summit. Take any safe path and you'll hit the service road, then he top is just to the south of the transmitter. We were there on New Year’s Eve and it was blowing a gale so we didn't hang around for long. 

The descent was more easily navigable. We went back downtime service road for a few hundred metres and took the footpath right before the ruined building. At the treeline we turned left and took the bridal path for about 100 meters, re-entering the forest at a wooden gate. From there we followed a mountain bike trail back to the footpath at the bottom of the forest.

A short but pleasant walk, nice to blow off the cobwebs in the winter but best attempted on a sunny day.

trip-7471902-map-full - Brown Clee.png

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