Bedford Half Marathon

When: December 6th 2015
Where: Wootton, Bedfordshire, UK
Course: Single anti-clockwise loop on country roads
Other routes touched: Clay Way, John Bunyan Trail, NCN 51
Finish time: 2:01

Half Marathons in December are pretty few and far between. By mid November The cold weather puts most people off until the season kicks off again in March. I'd chosen the Bedford Half mostly because I wanted an event in December and it was the only one around. As it turned out it was a well organised event and an interesting countryside route, fairly similar to Basingstoke a couple of months earlier. 

I found this one to be really tough. It wasn't so much about the course, more about my general lack of energy. Work was busy and I was very tired though not enough sleep. By the last 3 miles is was clear that I was going to be slower than my usual 1:50 pace. By the end I'd slipped across the 2 hour mark, finishing at 2:01. Annoying. Despite not my best or most memorable half, it was still got me out in December and its 1 race closer to my 50 Halfs target.

trip-7259130-map-full - Bedford.png
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