Chilterns parkrun

My parkrun event for the morning was Jersey Farm for its 3rd outing since starting in October. There was quite a crowd of tourists mostly there to capture the only mainland UK “J” for parkrun Alphabet. I’d already bagged the Channel Islands regionnaire, so I was here for a different reason. This was my re-bagging of the new region that I’ve made up myself: the Chiltern Hills.

There’s only 3 parkrun events in the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but the Chilterns covers a much larger area. I’ve not seen a common definition, so I’ve decided to select the boundaries marked by the rivers Thames, Colne and Lea. All rivers and streams that start in the Chiltern Hills eventually flow into these 3 rivers, so it feels like the best boundary. One could argue that the area could also include everything south of the Lea before it reaches the Thames at Limehouse Basin, but that would include most of North London too.

So, the Greater Chilterns area, a beautiful and adventure-filled region, contains 15 parkrun events so far. It also includes my home location, Black Park and 2 of my hilliest favourites, Tring and Wendover Woods. Here’s the links:

parkruns within the Chilterns Hills AONB

parkruns within the greater Chilterns AREA

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