Completing all Surrey parkruns

With Cranleigh ticked off this morning I’ve completed all parkruns in the present day county of Surrey. Well, just about… as another new one popped up last night at Brooklands near Weybridge. It doesn’t start til next week so, until then, I’m claiming all 11 parkruns in the county. As I’m a Historic Counties nerd, I’m also claiming the 16 parkruns that were part of “classic” Surrey until Greater London was formed the ‘60s, but are now covered by the LonDone parkrun regionnaire. Hazelwood is the interesting one having been in both Historic Surrey and Middlesex and is within the M25 but outside Greater London.

** Updated on 29/12/2018 with Brooklands **

parkruns in present-day Administrative County of Surrey

Banstead Woods



  • Completed: December 29th 2018




Frimley Lodge








Mole Valley




Reigate Priory


BONUS: Riddlesdown

See the LonDone post for location map, elevation, finish time and link

This one’s in the Greater London parkrun region and the Historic county of Surrey but also touches on the present-day county of Surrey. The start is just on the London side of the border with the finish in Surrey



parkruns in Historic County of Surrey but now IN Greater London

See the LonDone blog post for maps and stats for these:

* The Bethlem Royal Hospital course is half in Historic Surrey and half in Historic Kent

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