Completing all Hertfordshire parkruns

As the furthest event from my house, I’d saved Letchworth until the end of my Hertfordshire collection. On the night before the event I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it though. News of cancellations was coming in from event after event after 2 days of snow across most of the country. The Letchworth team announced that things were looking OK but they would only know after a course check at 08:00 on the Saturday. This was risky as I had an hour’s drive to get there so would have to be on the road well before that. My 2 local events were also cancelled so I decided to risk it and head towards Letchworth with a Plan B and C just in case. Arriving at the park at around 08:10 I met the volunteers returning from their course check. It was slippery, but the event was on! It was just as well as my B and C options (Bedford and Great Denham) had just been cancelled. Letchworth is a great course and was stunning with frost on the ground and clear blue skies. I’m really grateful to the volunteers for going ahead and saving my Saturday.

With Letchworth done it completes the full set of 16 parkrun events in Hertfordshire. The number actually depends on how you count it as you could remove 1 for Heartwood Forest that I completed a year ago but has since closed. If you counted the historic rather than present-day county of Hertfordshire you could also add in Oak Hill, which is now part of Greater London. Anyway, whether it’s 15, 16 or 17, I’ve done them all (for now).







Castle Park


Ellenbrook Fields




Heartwood Forest


Jersey Farm








South Oxhey


St Albans








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