High Point NJ & NJ,NY,PA Tri-State Point

Despite having travelled to New Jersey for work several times a year I'd not realised that the State High Point was just an hour from my company's NJ office. Even better, the Tri-Point monument marking the meeting point of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania is less than 20 minutes drive from the High Point. So, on a sunny May evening I embarked on a microadventure to find both.  

High Point New Jersey

New Jersey is a pretty flat state and High Point has an elevation of just 550 metres.  That makes it technically a mountain, but don't expect to bring your crampons for the trip. There's some good hiking options in the State Park that surrounds it and the Appalachian Trail runs close by. I was short on on time so drove straight to the car park that's 5 minutes walk from the summit. 

The summit is marked by the War Veterans' Monument, which you used to be able to climb, but it was closed for repairs when I visited. Despite this, there were great views and you can easily see the Tri-Point monument 



The 3-state Tri-Point is in an almost-lovely location. The grave-stone like monument is at the tip of a peninsula at the southern end of Port Jervis at the confluence of the Delaware and Neversink rivers. It would be a very pleasant quiet place if it wasn't for the ugly highway overpass built right over the top of the monument. The monument is surrounded by the pretty Laurel Grove Cemetery. Although it is possible to drive to the tip, as several anglers had done, I parked at the cemetery gates and took a 10 minute walk through the grounds. 

Technically, the actual tri-state boundary is a few metres into the Delaware river. I was happy to stay on dry land and bag the monument stone as the marker point.